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Whatever the reason bringing you to my website today I hope you will find all you need to help you through a difficult time in your or a loved ones life.  We all reach a time in our lives when we just don't think we can carry on, or feel so alone we don't know where else to turn.  It's at this time most people turn to counselling.
Famously referred to as "The Talking Cure", talking to someone impartial and non-judgmental, who is skilled in listening, can help you work through historic or current issues, or help you make the changes within yourself that you've been struggling to achieve alone. With the help and support of a counsellor you can begin to understand how past experiences and current behaviour may be linked and help you to see things in a new way.
The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) state that "counselling offers clients a confidential secure space in which to confront, change or channel feelings of confusion, grief, rage or depression. The majority of counsellors do not advise or tell you what to do but help you find answers within yourself"


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