Affinity Counselling - Helping you to achieve a happier tomorrow
I would like to say a special thank you to those kind enough to offer to share their experiences here.  
It was a pleasure working with you all!
* "Being in an abusive relationship can destroy the very soul of a person. All that may exist is a body with a lost mind and an empty heart. For someone to convince me that my life was worth living, that my opinions were valid and my emotions were understandable- well, it was a long shot! Jo picked me up from my lowest and gave ME the tools to find MY OWN path and muster up enough strength to keep on fighting and pulling myself through even when i felt i had nothing left in me. I could write a very long testimonial in appreciation for Jo and the way she has helped changed my life, but i will keep this brief and simply say, thank you Jo, from my two children. They have their mummy back- a new and improved one at that!"
* "Seeing Jo has changed my life. I have become a different person. I am much more confident and calmer and I don’t take things so personally anymore. Jo has helped me to deal with issues in my past and understand why I am the way I am. She helped me to realise that I can’t change what has happened and to let go. Most importantly Jo has made me realise that I am worthy of being loved but that I am also capable of being on my own"
 * “I have been seeing Jo for sometime now and she has helped me work through some problems from my past.  I didn't realise how much those things where affecting my life still.  It feels as if a huge weight is being lifted.  Thanks Jo!”
 * "I never thought I'd be able to trust anyone enough to talk about my issues but I have been able to.  It seems so silly that all I needed to do was to talk about the things I've never told anyone.  Talking about things has really helped me and I would tell anyone to share the things your hiding or too afraid to talk about.  Jo really seemed to care and understand how I felt"”
 * "Since I saw Jo for 18 weeks it has had an amazing impact on my relationships.  Now I feel free to be the person I am and not someone pretending to be somebody else.  Now I am happier and more confident than I have ever been and the people around me have commented on how much I've changed and how much calmer I am.  I can't thank you enough Jo and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends etc x"
 * "I was pretty sceptical about counselling at first and thought that I could talk to my friends about my problems and that I didn't need to talk to a stranger, but I was wrong.  It was completely different talking to Jo, she was impartial and I didn't have to censor what I told her for fear of anyone else finding out or to keep others happy.  I could tell Jo anything and she would continue to listen and treat me with respect.  She just seemed to "get" me and at times it was as if she knew how I was feeling before I realised it myself.  I was sad when our sessions ended and missed being able to share with Jo my news and my thoughts.  If I ever need that "special person" to talk to again, I won't hesitate next time.  It is with special thanks that I write this for Jo, she has proved priceless to me.  A million thank yous just aren't enough" 
 * "Thanks Jo, since seeing you i feel like a whole new person, capable of conquering anything!"
 * "You saved our marriage!"
 * "Every week i used to leave feeling exhausted, who knew talking was so tiring?  Who knew talking was enough to finally put my problems in the past where they belong.  Its been an emotional roller coaster Jo, but i feel eternally indebted to you.  You have no idea how much you've helped, thank you x"
* "Never underestimate how much counselling can help.  If you've ever thought about doing it, then my advise is "do it!",  I cant begin to write how much it helped me."

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